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The Sacred Dance of Duality

Earth is a wonderful, beautiful, enchanting planet of duality and it is governed by the law of action. It is here that Newton's third law comes into play; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Energy can never disappear, it can only be shifted, transferred and transmuted. All things you wish to manifest in your physical reality require action. As you allow yourself to release, so too will you receive and what you send out will be returned. It is universal law.​

To understand duality is to acknowledge and embrace the sacred dance of your shadow within the light.

​There cannot be light without dark and there is neither good nor bad; there's just energy and intention. We need both positive and negative energies to create movement, again not good or bad but opposites - like a magnet. We have been taught to fear the darkness but one must never fear the shadow. There are those who are of the opinion that as we step into light there cannot be dark but this is not so. The closer to the light we get, the larger and more defined our shadow becomes.

The moon, in all her glory, represents the shadow. Her energy is cool and silvery white. She is creation and fluidity, magic and mystery. There is only one night in every lunar cycle where her light shines unobstructed and she can truly be full. All other nights of the year her luminescence is hidden. She takes us on a journey within so that the Sun may expand our energy throughout. His golden warmth brings joy and courage, balancing the receiving energy of the Moon with a call to action. He is the co-creator; both are two halves of the same whole.

​Even on the planet now there are those who wish to "eliminate all dark forces" but this is not how we heal the world. We must find the point of neutrality; the point of balance between light and dark and that can only be found within. The more light that is anchored here, the bigger the shadow becomes. Those who wish to do all this 'eliminating' are working from a place of fear which only exacerbates the problem.

True neutrality is found when we expand our awareness beyond our current idea of what the divine feminine and sacred masculine truly represent; both within and beyond us.

Feminine does not mean 'girly' or soft. It is a polarity that redefines strength through flow, fluidity and shadow work. As mentioned above, it is represented by the moon, or Lady Luna if you so wish to call her, and it is aligned with the aspect of receiving. To be masculine does not mean to be 'macho' or stoic. It is the polarity that relates to putting things into motion, it is the 'doing' energy, it is movement through action. The sun, or Sir Helios if you'd like to call upon him by name, is the overseer of the sacred masculine and he represents the light.

​Too much time in the masculine can result in the overriding of your creative, intuitive flow. Excessive time in the feminine is fun but nothing ever really gets done.

​The point of neutrality is found within the heart. It is the place where releasing and receiving meet. This is where masculine and feminine energies are brought into perfect harmony, the place where your light dances within the dark.

​Duality allows us to experience all aspects of the sacred soul. We cannot find our shadow in the dark, only in the light can we see that our experience in the darkness has contributed to the beauty of who we've become.


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