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Model Musings

There is a story behind each face, beyond every photo. Each of us a muse but never really our own. We participate in an arena where too many are required to become just one thing, one person, and for those very few moments we are all the same, reducing our true selves to a shadow in the background.

​Each day is different but on many levels the same. Heartache and disappointment when the word "released" blows through the air; elation and excitement when a confirmation whispers to your heart "this time you were enough".

​There are ups and downs, months on and months off. New people, old faces, few friends and many acquaintances. The only stability is uncertainty; it brings freedom and fortune to those who embrace this world of constant transition.

​To relinquish attachment and find your own unique balance in this crazy world of castings is what I consider true success.


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