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An Introduction to Energy Healing

I am often asked how energy healing works and the answer usually creates more questions than it does answers, which I love because energy healing is a journey – it is as simple as it is complex. So let me start with the basics!! :)

Just as you have a physical body, you have an energetic body too. This is often referred to as an Aura or the subtle body. It has a physical layer; an exact duplicate of your physical form, an emotional layer, a mental layer and a spiritual layer. All that you experience in your physical body and physical reality is apparent in your energetic body first. An energy healer, or an Intuitive, can perceive the story your aura has to tell and facilitate healing that influences a shift on all 4 levels.

​There are 12 main chakras, or energy centres, that vibrate in alignment with the spine. Of these 12 chakras, 7 are associated with the physical body and correlate directly to a main organ and gland. They also relate to a layer within your aura. For example, The Solar Plexus chakra is the 3rd energy centre and is located at the stomach. As its location suggests, it relates to the stomach and pancreas at a physical level and at an energetic level it represents the mental body; hence the saying "the stomach is the bodies second brain." We carry our belief systems here too; not to be confused for religious views, but rather the views and values we've accepted about ourselves to be true. The Solar Plexus is the home of self-belief, self-worth and personal power. In contrast, the Third Eye chakra is the 6th energy centre and is located at the middle of your forehead. It governs the brain and the pituitary gland (as well as the eyes and ears) and relates to the higher emotional body. The Third Eye provides us with the opportunity to see all things clearly and with clarity; not just with clairvoyance but with the wisdom to see things as they are, not how we think things should or should not be.

When it comes to energy healing, there are many different modalities. Contrary to popular belief, not all energy healers are Reiki practitioners. And, no two practitioners trained in the same modality with provide you with the same experience. This is because each and every healer is unique and works with energy in their own unique way. There are those who are skilled at healing the emotional body, some who focus on clearing the mental layer, healers who initiate change in the physical paradigm, some who shift energy with your ancestral lines and past lives, those who activate your soul's divine blueprint and there are some who provide multidimensional healing and alignment.

“All healing is the so-called healer giving off a frequency in their energy field that represents the healed state. The person coming to them must choose [consciously or subconsciously] to match that frequency in order to heal themselves. No healer ever directly heals anybody, as a healer you give them the option and the opportunity to match a frequency that will allow them to bring themselves into a healed state, should they choose.” - Bashar (channelled by Daryl Anka).

​Energy healing is not massage therapy. Unless the practitioner has stipulated that your session involves massage, the session should be conducted with your clothes on. A healer may use tools such as crystals, colour, sound, essential oils and flower essences during your session. Some practitioners will use the 'hands on' method, whilst others will refrain from making contact with your physical body. It is important to understand that an energy healer is the conduit for healing energy and is responsible for holding the space in accordance with what your higher-self most needs. In other words, the practitioner directs energy so that you may release and receive in whatever way that is best for you.

Energy healing is non-denominational. It is an opportunity to return to wholeness, to find the point of neutrality within. If you have not experienced energy healing, I encourage you to explore the many benefits it has to offer your body, heart, mind and soul.


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