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Emma Lovett | energy healer | Cape Town


Emma Lovett | crystal healer | cape town

Hello, my name's emma. I'm an Aussie living in Cape Town and for as long as I can remember I have been sensitive to energy. If it went 'bump' in the night, you better believe I could hear it, see it, feel it and for many years I sure as hell wanted to run from it. As with most things in this wonderful, amazing, crazy life - whatever we run from has a tendency to chase us down and until we face our fear(s) we can never really step into our personal power and find freedom.

When I accepted my sensitivity to the 'other side' instead of hiding from it, my world completely transformed. I am now a Certified Intuitive Practitioner and have a certificate in Applied Metaphysics. I teach and facilitate transformational healing and am passionate about reconnecting people with the sacred knowledge of their higher self.

I have witnessed magic and miracles through my work with the Esoteric Realms and it would be my honour to share these insights with you. As an Intuitive Practitioner, it is my personal responsibility to hold a sacred and safe space, channel the highest healing guidance, and help you step into your sovereignty, discover your innate skills and abilities, and access your highest light.

In addition to my love for all things metaphysical is my love for modelling too. I have been represented by Contact Model Management for more than 10 years and it is the unassuming connection between these two worlds that inspired my blog: emma dilemma - a model's guide to metaphysics.

If you'd like to get to know me a little more personally and find out more about my journey, follow the link below to my blog post called 'pieces of me'.


Lots of love, emma x x

Emma Lovett | energy healer | Cape Town


  • Certified Intuitive Practitioner, South Africa

  • Certificate in Applied Metaphysics, South Africa

  • Munay Ki Rites; Ancient Peruvian Healing Modality, South Africa

  • International Crystal Healing Diploma, United Kingdom

  • Blueprint Activation & Soul Healing, Australia

  • Avatar Healing, Australia

  • Soul Healing, South Africa

  • Magnetic Healing, South Africa

  • Radiatory Healing, South Africa

Emma truly is a master in her field. Her bright, loving and vibrant energy has the power to bring a smile on anyone's face. And that's just upon greeting her. I had the privilege of meeting Emma a few years ago and till this day her words of wisdom and healing energy work has significantly impacted my life for the better. Suffering with depression and feeling unworthy, life was an uphill battle. Working with Emma, I was able to shift my perception, release my energy blocks and build the confidence I needed to pursue a life that I would only dream of. Not just knowing my heart's desires but believing it too. Thank you Emma, I am forever grateful for you and the work that you do.


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