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Pieces of Me

Have you heard of the beautiful Hawaiian prayer HO'OPONOPONO? It is a practice of reconciliation and forgiveness and means "I forgive you. I'm sorry. Thank you. I love you." It has taught me to pause, turn inward and give myself permission to heal. Using this prayer, I have also come to understand that progress is personal, there are no mistakes; just lessons, and that endings are always followed by new beginnings.

With this in mind, I want to share a little message of love from my guides to you. "Although your journey is your own, you are never ever alone." To help deepen your understanding of this, I'd like to gift some pieces of me to you, too.

Perhaps there's a little piece of me that is similar to a little piece of you.

“I just want to be a fairy and sometimes I pretend that my cat Walter is a dragon" - me (at age 33).

My full name is Emma Michelle Lovett, my parents named me after two songs: can you guess which ones? I am BIG sister to Sarah, Rachel and John. Rachie is a high school teacher and she is beautiful beyond measure. We are very different, her and I, when she walks into a room she commands attention. She is vibrant, bold and brave; I admire her in every way. Although 8 years younger than me, she's the boss babe with the "big sister" vibe. Our little brother Johnnie isn't actually so little. I'm 5"10 and I fit under his armpit. He's a "Trooper" in the army; hilariously funny, generous and deeply kind. We aren't really together all that often but when we are it's bacon and egg brekkies, Harry Potter marathons and us prancing around the lounge room listening to the same song on repeat.

When I was 6 our sister Sarah died. She had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and although her heart had not physically developed in her little body, it will forever be intertwined with mine. She has helped me understand that in spirit we are never separate from the ones we love. For those of you who have loved and lost, I hope you find comfort in knowing that separation is a state of mind; what the heart experiences is what truly exists. Every time you think of your loved one they are with you, each memory carried within your heart is an experience they connect to too.

I've always had an affinity with the fairy realm. So much so, that when I was younger I was convinced I was a fairy and that my shoulder blades were my wings; all folded up so that no-one else could see. To be honest, nothing much has changed and I still work closely with the fairy realm in my practice today.

I am from a small town in Australia called Coffs Harbour. Yep, it's the place with a giant banana on the side of the high way. I left Australia when I was 20 and have lived in Edinburgh, Turkey and London. I travelled with my friend Lauren, we had some wild adventures but at 22 I followed my heart to Cape Town, South Africa and found home in the heart of the "Mother City".

When I was 29 I had cervical cancer (holy shitballs, I know). It was really scary. I always thought I'd be a mother and there I was, not even 30, face to face with the reality of that being taken away. I know pap-smear talk is not a vibe but it literally saved my life. If you are afraid to have your check up, I know how you feel! But please find your courage and get tested anyway.

I have also had a miscarriage. It broke my heart. And, sigh, gave me a lifetime membership to a club I never wanted to belong to. Even worse, it's a club that no one speaks about so you've got no darn idea who's in the club with you. My heart needed healing and that's when spirit guided me to a little, fat, Persian cat. I don't even like cats, but I liked him! His name is Walter. It is often in the quiet moments of heartbreak that our prayers are heard the loudest; our spirit guides, fairies and angels step in and send help in the most unexpected and magical ways.

Oh yeah, I am divorced too. Most people assume I was married for 5 minutes but my ex-husband and I were together for almost 11 years. I liken divorce to that of walking through fire; stripped bare by the experience, I thought there'd be nothing left of me but ash. Instead, all that no longer served me was burnt away and somewhere in all that chaos I stepped back into my power with the courage to begin again. If you have experienced or are currently experiencing separation, it is not easy but I promise there is strength within you and if I can get through it, I believe you can too.

On a lighter note, I am fascinated by left handed people. It's weird, I know. But it's one of the first things I'll notice about you. I am terribly afraid of open water waves. Not open water, just the ocean waves. I'm pretty scared of baboons too. I am unashamed to say I don't know how to drive a manual car, reverse parallel parking gives me hives and my sister says I "drive like we've got extra lives". I don't have a mathematical cell in my brain and my depth perception is out the window, as in it doesn't exist. There could be a hundred or a thousand people in a room and I couldn't tell you the difference. I talk to myself ALL the time and my favourite flower is a Frangipani. Whenever I am back at home, I pick a flower and put it in my hair every day. On the days when my dad is in the garden before I am, he picks a Frangipani and leaves it on the kitchen bench for me. I guess it's become a bit of a tradition.

Just as I have known the light, I have experienced the shadow too. I hope all these little pieces of me shine love to all the little pieces within you.



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