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Connecting To The Now

Beloved Light,

Why are you having so much trouble finding happiness? Is it because you undervalue yourself and focus too much on the value others place on you? No amount of thinking, wondering or worrying can change the past, so let it be. It is as it is. You are a divine being of cosmic light; a child of God, you are never alone and you are never not loved! It is time to be very present. To be grateful for each moment in each day. By doing one small thing for yourself you will find the motivation to find other things that truly make you happy. I know everything may seem confusing at the moment but it all makes perfect sense if you step up and out of each situation, you experience and view it from an outer perspective. In each moment there is a blessing, a gift; you just need to see it. Don't get stuck on things that aren't working, intuitively you know when it's time to move forward. Who is this man but another lesson - find the lesson! Why are you searching, continually looking ahead into a future that hasn't happened yet? You need to be alone. Connect to your heart and it's wild dreams. Open it to receive only the best for you and that's what will happen. It comes back to you and your worth - see it in yourself so you don't rely on others to tell you. Be honest. Honesty and integrity are what is important now. Spend time creating and making; find the joy that connects you to the now.


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