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One Breath at a Time

Like the morning sun, a soft pink on the fairy floss clouds, I rise. I rise up out of an unfulfilled past, no longer afraid to shine. For too long I allowed my essence to be dim, the magic within almost forgotten. I now step forward into each day braver than ever before. I cannot put my transformation on hold and in the hands of others. As I step out of fear; a cage of undesired limitations, and into each day with a courageous heart and inspired mind, I allow myself to grow. "There are no mistakes, just lessons" I hear echoed upon my wandering thoughts - almost mistaken as my own. Instead, it is guidance that comes from beyond my very being that teaches me growth comes in all forms. A step back is only a change in direction and may simply be the catalyst required to follow a more mindful journey. I rise out of guilt and fear into love, and therefore I make progress one breath at a time.


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